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    Our dance classes are easy and fun to learn. Queen City Dance has been teaching people how to dance for years. We are dance professionals, capable of teaching people the basics up to advance training.
    From graceful ballet classes to hip-hop and contemporary, we can have your child dancing in no time. At our dance school, your child will gain more than dance abilities; they’ll learn discipline, focus, and passion for a physical activity!
    We are a family friendly studio that is designed to educate and train students for performance opportunities and statewide competitions. Come visit us at Queen City Dance in Charlotte, NC for more information.
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Ballet Classes

One of the key aspects of ballet is discipline. These types of dance lessons improve the ability to be graceful, elegant, and to master many techniques. Starting your children early will allow them to build the muscle and techniques that will develop them into great dancers. We also do professional dance lessons for those further along in their dance education.

Tap dance
Tap Dancing Classes

The art of tap dancing originated from Irish and clog dancing. It involves high forms of musicality as well as extreme skill. Higher forms include being accompanied by music or a cappella. To start your dancer’s training off on the right foot, come to our dance school for our tap dancing classes!

Jazz Dance Lessons

Our dance instructions are easy for all levels to follow. Queen City Dance has been teaching people how to dance for years. We are dance instructor professionals, capable of teaching people the basics up to advance training in different types of dance. One of our popular choices is our jazz dance lessons.

Hip hop
Hip Hop Dance Classes

In our hip hop dance classes, our instructors are well trained and very experienced. Furthermore, our dance school is committed to providing a well-rounded education, ensuring that you or your child will learn a variety of techniques. With multiple samples from many different forms of dance, we teach that all dance comes from a similar art form. With the more experience that your child gains, the more moves they will learn.

Kids Dance Classes

Dance teaches hard work and dedication that will build character into your child. Call up our dance school and sign your child up for our kids dance classes. At Queen City Dance we cultivate our young dancers to grow into professional artists. Our dance school has experienced instructors that can help your child achieve their dreams. They will not receive the attention and instruction that we provide here at our school anywhere else.

With some hard work and dedication, our classes will prepare your child for a long career in performing arts or just a fun weekly workout. If you are interested in getting more information about our dance lessons, call Queen City Dance in Charlotte, NC today!

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I know the owners. I've danced with Tony for over 40 years. I feel confident QC Dance will provide a great environment for anyone who wants to enjoy a dance experience. -Barbara A Petrey

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